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Posted by Cabo on September 11, 2001 at 12:16:23:

In Reply to: check www.gue.com "anatomy of a tech diver" nt. posted by mike on September 11, 2001 at 11:24:22:

that is generalized bunk. I believe in and KNOW that nearly all DIR principles are positive but at some point they must realize they have not the ONLY config on the planet that is safe and effective.
This Pony bottle treatment about just "don't use 'em", is NOT good. If it is just to eliminate the silly and unsafe contraptions that are sold to attach ponies then say so, but if my gear goes catastrophic (i.e. burst disk failure, tank failure, etc.) I do NOT want to be down there holding my breath trying to adjust this or that. NOR do I wish to be streaking to the surface in the hopes that I do not encounter any maladies.
What I DO want is to have a safe effective supply of air that is totally independent of the effected gear so that I can Egress with the best possible speed within limits OR have a moment or two to assess the problem and effect a cure if that is possible. A "Y" or "H" valve is useless when a burst disk goes and you were on your way back already, Not impossible, remember there IS Sport Chalet who were so kind as to use up their 2240 burst disks on a LOT of 3000psi tanks I had THREE FAIL two under water! NOW i check but who knew then? I have also been in the water with a diver who had an old bottle that developed a nasty leak at the neck (fresh VIP sticker on side), He ponied to the suface too so I SHALL continue to have faith in a separate redundant system for bailout.
P.S. forget the GD photos, cross those straps !

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