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Posted by JRM on September 28, 2001 at 09:25:26:

In Reply to: DIR Demo at the California Wreck Divers, everyone lives . . . posted by Kevin on September 27, 2001 at 00:57:19:

I almost didn't. After hearing Kevin's tale about leaving his transmission all along the freeway, I decided to one-up him. I left bits of my entire truck along a long stretch of 99, and about 300 feet of open field next to it, on my way home.

It was an amazing display of acrobatic driving. I lost my horizontal trim, and the truck bouyancy went to heck. After a quintuple pirouette with a twist, I got 9.95s from all the judges except the East German, who gave me a 3. The truck is a total loss, as is my safe driver discount. However, I was wearing my DIR approved one piece webbing harness, which saved my life. The semi who started the whole chain of events didn't buy into the unified driving team concept, since he didn't bother to stop.

The doctor says I can start diving again in a couple of weeks depending on how well my ribs heal up. Obviously opening night is out for me (sorry Kevin). Of course, I plan to be back in the pool as soon as I get all the staples out. I've got a class to prepare for.

I enjoyed the demo, and thought everyone did a great job. The lady sitting next to me had never even seen or heard of a cannister light before. I learn more every time I see these guys. The morbid side of me was a tad dissapointed that it didn't turn into Wrestlemania XVII, but I'm sure it's better this way. Sometimes I think we mistake unfamiliarity for hostility towards the DIR system.


-- On the bright side, I get two days off from work, a new truck, and suddenly everyone is being nice to me.

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