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Posted by Captain Tim on October 22, 2001 at 18:11:56:

Good Evening,
I am finally back with a landline. I was looking at the posts today and read the ones concerning the GE. Just got off the phone with Brett to find out what had happened, as I was not told of any events about the tanks this weekend. Brett told me he did not say anything as it was just the same old thing, and that the customer was satisfied.
On to the problem. The largest complaint that I have on the boat is that we will not fill tanks above their ratings, and that other boats and shops do. I have called several other boat owners and they stand the same as I do. Sometimes though, a tank will get by or a crewmember will fill tanks too high. I read the response from Jason about us not filling his tank properly. That may have happened. I tell the crew that if they cannot find the fill amount of the tank, fill it to 2500psi. If your tank is rated higher than that, all you have to do is point it out to us and we will fill it to that amount, or 3200psi (this is our limit).
We will not fill tanks that are rated at 2400psi to 3200psi. If you need more air, you need to buy a larger tank. I use a 2400psi 104. The reason is simple; I always get a full fill, as all boats can fill to that level. Not many can fill to 3500psi, the Peace is the only boat that I know of that does, although there maybe others.
What is amazing is that there are so many people willing to risk their health, and that of the crew and other members of the boat, just to get a little more air.
I had a person on the boat a couple of weeks ago complaining about a low fill. He had a steel 95 that fills to 2400psi. He wanted 3200psi and complained to every crewmember on the boat about this. I told him we would not fill it that high and he went ballistic. He will probable never return. Another complained and told me that he had filled his steel 95 to 5000psi where he worked before the trip. I told him that if I had known that, I would not have let him on the boat with that tank.
I am at a lose here. Am I wrong? Why are so many willing to risk others, just for a few more minutes?

Captain Tim Burke
Owner/operator Great Escape Charters

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