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Posted by MHK on October 29, 2001 at 15:35:41:

In Reply to: more DIR BS posted by Chris on October 29, 2001 at 13:55:02:


Given that you are the God of all diver's and given that you selectively edit this list my sense is that this post won't stay up for too long but I'll give it a shot anyway...

Chris, by your own admission, your way of diving should not be followed by the average diver. You've said that on many occasions and the reason is because your way of diving is more risky and more dangerous then most can handle.. Once again, by your own admission, you choose to accept the added risk, so you disclaim that not everyone should follow your lead..

The polar opposite of such logic is the DIR system. DIR rejects in total the stereotypical macho attitude that permiates many experienced divers. Furthermore, the DIR system of diving goes directly against the current trend of diving education. GUE [ the only agency that currently subscribes to the DIR philosophy] steadfastly rejects the less is more trend, they steadfastly rejsct the notion that mediocrity should be rewarded with merit badge-patches and promises * in the unlikely event* issues and chooses to focus on training and preparing you for the possibility that something can, and may very well, happen under water and is designed to prepare a diver to handle the emergency.

The current trend in diving education is to gain market share via a streamlined class and then a discalimer in the end that purports to suggest that future training is needed coupled with a strenuous, lawyer reviewed waiver of liability.. GUE is bucking the trend, they are willing to sacrafice market share in favor of quality training.

You continually attack the GUE philosophy but lack the sophistication to render any such analysis especially given the fact that you have NEVER taken a GUE class. Speaking on a very personal note, when I crtiticize PADI it is based upon personal experiences. I have several *merit badges* from PADI, I obtained a *professional* PADI rating, I have personally dived with Karl Shreeves and have had MANY, MANY discussions with the upper tier of PADI management with respect to my observations/crtiticims and I have gone the extra mile to invite PADI to our demo's.. Accordingly, you've done nothing respecting the requisite understanding, appreciation and or training in a GUE environment but yet rant endlessly about it's alleged shortcommings. However, have had in the past no problem passing yourself off as a DM, even though at the time you were NOT a DM, you constantly ruin the trip for the entire boat because you lack the wherewithal to timely return to the boat and I would bet $1,000, to be donated to the FDNY, that you lack the skill to pass a GUE class based upon my personal observations of you in the water and based upon my experiences with a wide variety of GUE classes.

To that end, may I suggest that you either take a GUE class, and therefore back up your repeated criticisms with facts, or shut the hell up...

Without personal experiences you lack any credibility, and we've all seen that credibility isn't your strong suit...

I'll be surprised if you leave this post up, but be advised that I have saved a copy of it and will continue to post it should you delete it because in my view this isn't a personal attack, but I'm sure you'll distort the definition once again to suit your desired objective..


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