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Posted by latestandgreatest on November 05, 2001 at 15:26:55:

In Reply to: thanks Kevin posted by Karl S. on November 05, 2001 at 15:20:54:

Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 22:20:40 -0000
Subject: [BA_TechDiver] quiet tech board today

nobody has any tech issues to discuss?

everybody is just waiting for me to do my next 150 fsw deep NitrOx
dive on EAN25 for 20 mins plus decompression time on Nov 14 and then
graduate to TDI TriMix training huh?

i have already run a preliminary dive planning sheet for a 225 fsw
TriMix dive for 20 mins on 15/45/40 TriMix. END = 0.4 / 0.79 x (225
+ 33) - 33 = 100 fsw. PO2 = (225 / 33 + 1 )x 15% = 1.2 . That gives
an equivalent 100 fsw dive that is almost non-decompression, only a
few minutes of deco at your last stop (at 10 fsw if EANx or at 20 fsw
if pure O2). at my breathing rate, that depth is about my limit for
twin 100s main tanks.

it seems like diving with TriMix is a piece of cake compared with
deep NitrOx or even deep air. i guess the only major consideration
is a slow gradual ascent to off-gas the Helium. Phil has been
emphasizing that we make our first deep stop at one-half our max
depth, then egress 10 fsw at a time from there for 1 min at each
stop, unless there is a gas switch, wherein you give the stop 3 mins.

i have thought of using my catalina 65 filled with EAN50 for travel
mix to 60 fsw and deco mix from 70 fsw to 20 fsw and also to bring
along a catalina 40 filled with pure O2 for deco at 20 fsw as the
last stop. but thats all just tentative for now. its possible to do
the whole dive with one catalina 65 containing EAN50 for travel &
deco. but there wouldnt be enough gas left then for the rule of

i am looking for a pair of warm wool sox to wear on my next deco dive
to conserve warmth in my feet, like with cross country skiing. i
will check Western Mountaineering to see what theyve got. diving dry
feels a lot like cross country skiing. youre cold and damp, but
youre still sweating too inside the suit.

it was interesting hanging in deco in almost clear water at Mono Lobo
Wall last week and looking down for hundreds of feet and seeing only
clear bluish water below lit by the bright sunshine above. that was
a first. it was very relaxing. the actual vis was "only" about 50
fsw, but it seemed like a whole lot more.

when i got back to work the next day, none of the usual office fires
could stress me at all. two days of diving is a powerfully relaxing

/s/ Karl S.

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