Re: Misunderstanding what I say, the first place to look for a dive instructor

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Posted by MHK on November 07, 2001 at 13:44:46:

In Reply to: Re: Misunderstanding what I say posted by Ken Kurtis on November 07, 2001 at 12:30:24:


You are completely oversimplfying a complex problem just for effect..

First off I have NEVER said that I can gaurantee 100% no risk, so let's leave the hyperbole aside..

You said the following:

I believe that if Marta had done a longer stop at 15', she might not have gotten bent. You believe that if she had dove a 32% mix she would not have gotten bent.

First off, I have said repeatedly that more then likley she would not have gotten bent and that she would have had a greater safety margin and I'm able to cite specific tables that would have rendered her dive within conservative and industry wide NDL limits.. Your proposed solution [ ie; a 300 psi added stop at 15'] is simply an opinion of what you believe would have helped post facto, and really isn't grounded in reality.. Added a few extra minutes at a PP)2 of .3 is virtually worthless, so to strictly compare your variable -v- mine isn't at all effective, nor is it based on any reasonable interpritation of the facts, or common understanding of decompression theory..

The fact is plain and simple, using a industry standard 32% mix on her profile would have rendered her well within respected NDL limits.. Using an ad hoc added safety stop at a PP02 of .3 speaks to poor planning and a mindset that attempts to solve problems after they occur instead of dealing with them pro actively..

You go on to add that you are not arguing the merits of Nitrox, except that, that is the fundamental principle of the position that I am advancing.. It is endorsed by PADI, NAUI, GUE, SSI, TDI, SDI, BSAC, IANTD, TDI et. al, so I think my position has some serious credibility behind it.. The relative merits of Nitrox is the crux of the antiquated mentality that I am trying to change in our marketplace and when you put out nonsense under the banner of * I've been an instructor for 20 years* then I am forced to step up and explain in great detail why when it comes to Nitrox you have no clue what you are talking about.. You have never taken a class, you have never blended a tank, nor have you ever done a dive using Nitrox and I know you'll try to say that's a personal attack, but I believe that if people are going to listen to your advice when it relates to Nitrox then they have a right to know that you aren't up to speed on the issue and if that comes across to you as a personal attack, then so be it..

Your past actions and statements about Nitrox are a big reason why we are so far behind the times out here and to that end I have no problem dealing in FACTS and putting all cards on teh table, and the fact that in the instant case you don't clearly see how much better off Marta would have been using Nitrox is dispositive of the notion that you are credible in discussions that relate to the use of Nitrox..


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