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Posted by Brad on January 11, 2002 at 05:13:56:

In Reply to: uh, Brad... posted by seahunt on January 10, 2002 at 21:27:47:

Back in 57' the kelp machines rolled the whole kelp plant rather than just cut the canopy (so i have been told). The fact remains, the kelp has never grown back off Sunset beach. I know there have been a number of other factors involved with the loss of kelp as well, such as the lack of natural predators for the urchines, etc. Even though kelp is fast growing, it still requires sun light to penetrate the water column for a foothold to regrow itself. That requires a rare coinsidence of sustained water clarity.

Fifteen years ago, the back side of Catalina was plush with kelp, now it is virtually barren. That was done by sportboat anchors and traps. Same thing with the south side of SBI, i bet we never see the kelp return in those places...

Speaking strictly for myself, i have seen too many negative changes in OUR ocean environment over the years to resist any form of governmental restriction or limitation. We basically brought this upon ourselves by our failure to be better stuards. Since 84', i have traveled some 70,000nm in these waters and i have witnessed the progressive decline, first hand. That is why i no longer fish, i only take pictures. I made that sacrifice as my personal committment to no longer be a part of the cycle of decline in OUR waters.

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