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Posted by Tribes on May 16, 2002 at 21:15:46:

Death, Most of us have had to watch a loved one die (and it really hurts). Death is something we are going to face. I had a friend a few years back who was dieing from cancer ( he had went though all the chemo and there was nothing else to try or do). I had taken him to a Ducks game and he could barely make it up the stairs, my friend had always been a strong, tough guy. On the way home he ask me a question, would I go with him to Grand Cayman for one last wall dive, he wanted me to help him make a one way trip off one of the deep North Walls . My friend didnít want to die in bed with tubes coming out of every opening and he didnít want to burden his family. He wanted to die doing something he loved. We were near able to make that last wall dive, he had went home to New York and die there, before we could make that trip(but it was planned).
I donít know if there is such a thing as fate, or a higher being(I hope there is), or just dumb luck. But I do know that we have to go.
In the last couple of years we have lost some pretty good older divers. I wonder if they had of been asked how they wanted to die, what would they say? I think that most would say sailing weightless off a deep wall like my friend is the only way to go. I think that most would say that given a choice they would die doing something they loved. I donít know about you, but I do know that thatís the way I want to go. Doing something I love.

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