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Posted by tleemay on May 23, 2002 at 10:34:19:

In Reply to: SPAM.....Read the FAQ....I hate Spam posted by Tribes on May 23, 2002 at 09:34:55:

From the FAQ?s;

" Promotional posts are limited no more than one
post per thirty day period, per person,
enterprise, or event. It does not matter if the
thing being promoted is free or paid. These posts
include, but are not limited to:

1. dive trips
2. dive classes
3. dive club meetings
4. dive equipment sales
5. demonstrations
6. lectures

This rule means that any individual user can make
only one promotional post of any kind every thirty
days. If that user has more than one event to
promote, he/she must combine those in their one
allowed post. This rule also means that any
given event my only be promoted one time in a
thirty day period. Subsequent posts by other
users, promoting the same event, are not allowed
and will be deleted. Exceptions to this rule are
posts about DFG & MPLA/MLMA meetings, and
certain charitable events such as the annual Chamber Day event. Events qualifying for
exception will be determined by the webmaster."

This event sounds promotional and it involves
demonstrations and/or lectures to some extent.
This is a free or paid event. This event has
also been promoted here more than once within
30 days by apparently more than one person.

Similar organizations have done the same on
this BBS in the past and had their posts deleted.
But, since the decision relies on the Webmaster,
and he's out of the country right now about 800
miles from where I am - I doubt it will be addressed until after he returns to the states,
or he has along with him a null terminal so he
can dial into his server to make the deletion.
Hopefully, there will be some consistency in the
enforcement of this BBS's rules.

Or, perhaps it?s OK now for others to post their
non-webmaster approved events multiple times
until someone enforces the FAQ rules (yeah, I'm
looking at you seahunt) ;].

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