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Posted by finfan on August 27, 2002 at 13:29:54:

In Reply to: Here is some empirical data for you posted by Brad on August 26, 2002 at 17:00:08:

Let's see both categories of rockfish listed in your example show increased catches in 2002 from 2001. Bradley how can that be, those are the decimated fish aren't they. Opp's fish catches increase without reserve being established. Kind of blows a big one through that theory of yours doesn't it.

Hey "loves the ocean", I got another question for you. How many times while you are positioning for that picture have you touched or kneeled down on the bottom or one of our local reefs. You want to really start discussing impact to the rockfish fishery. Any idea, mister I know "exactly" what caused the diminishing stocks of rockfish on where rockfish lay their eggs? What do you think happens to the survival rate when you place a knee on top of a nest? Think of the thousand of baby rockfish that just you have destroyed. And just to get that picture of the bugs under the ledges.

So there is no pollution over at Catalina or Anacapa. You ever check the historical trend of water clarity at the outer islands? Probably not, but then that wouldn't "exactly" fit in your theory so let's just dismiss pollution as a source. Last I looked through the history books the tuna would come right off of Avalon. When's the last time that has happened? I know the history books are written by the same people who do the studies who are nothing more than commercial fisherman in drag.

I'm working on a new theory - My guess you gave your fishing gear away because A)you were no good at it or B)you are probably one of those guys that has, for years, before you saw the light abused the resource and more than likely violated the fish and game bag limits. Now you just feel guilty and figure giving away all of your gear will clear your conscience. I'm leaning towards B as the answer, because even a guy like you could probably catch rockfish. All you need is some squid or some sardines as bait.

I imagine your position wouldn't change if they all of a sudden wanted to keep out photographers from the reserve. After all, don't they anchor the boats they take over to dive from? We all, thanks to Brad, now know how decimating they can be to the kelp forests.

You know, Brad, it's one thing to write down all of your blabbering Bu****it, but it's another when you actually believe it. How long have you been talking to yourself and actually found the conservation enlightening?

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