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Posted by jb22 on October 24, 2002 at 16:39:51:

In Reply to: Mis-typed your OWN NAME? You meant "No Common Sense" posted by jb22 on October 24, 2002 at 16:29:37:

Remember the 20 fathom (120 feet) rockfish closure?

Well.... before that, I would normally VERY rarely see the BIG commercial guys or the party boats close to public beaches/shores.... However, since the 120 feet closure, I have seen them not 200 yards from shore. I have seen them in the Kelp beds at Leo, Deer Creek, Refugio, slicking up the kelp, and wipping out MASS numbers of near-shore fish. It is also my opinion that the sand bass, Calicos, and Sheep head have gone down QUITE A BIT in abundance in those kelp beds, since the closre. In one occasion, while diving, I surfaced to see a 'party boat' so strikingly close to me that I decided to call the dive... And this was on a BEACH DIVE.

And like some say "you ain't seen noth'n yet"... It WILL GET WORSE. As long as the decisions are made based on mis-information, and "feel-good" data instead of solid scientific (and some freak'm common sense), things will continue to go south....

You want another example? Abalone.... Why was IT so mis-managed?.....

DFGs mentality seems to be "Lets let the commercial guys take what they want....let's just wait until the resource is gone, then, lets close the WHOLE THING to everyone".

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