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Posted by Finfan on November 01, 2002 at 15:58:39:

In Reply to: Re: Got anything to prove it? posted by Maciek on November 01, 2002 at 14:31:24:

Are you back? I thought you had crawled up and went back to after the last time I called you to the mat for stereo typing me and suggesting I was doing things illegally. Is this the same person who said "for the record I never accussed you of being a poacher" but then threatened to send DFG to my halloween party? What exactly were you implying if it wasn't that I was poaching? For the record, an apology probably was in order!

Let's try this again (why can't some learn from their mistakes).

Show me again the exact post where I said "no one should do anything"? Never did say that- did I? In fact, what I said was the reserve might or might not be a first step.

Here let me slow down so that you can keep up -

My solution .....(Based on Your request to provide one)..... Started with possibly a reserve....included......pollution controls.....habitat restoration.....hatchery supplements.......and a revision to.......size, season and limit take regulations.....for both private and commercial.

But I really do like Steve's idea of total closure. Yep, I still question whether or not in our cold water conditions whether or not reserves can be effective, especially with no other programs initiated to support the reserve. And yes, I doubt they can be enforced which makes me believe their effectiveness will be minimized.

Never did say I know a better solution did I? In fact, I said I don't have all the answers. That doesn't mean I'm willing to do something our incompetent DFG says we should just because some dude from Oregon says so.

I don't have any proof, but then neither do you when it comes to our cold water do you. The areas in the study below are warm water aren't they? And yes, I did find the study interesting.

Since we are looking for proof give me a quick evaluation of the area near the Chamber at Catalina that has been restricted to take and even boat anchoring for years. Don't exactly see the adjacent areas like Blue Cavern kicking out tons of lobster or a trophy fishery do you. The reserve is doing great, but the surrounding areas especially isthmus that lies right next to this area isn't exactly overflowing with abundance of any species. Seems to me the results of that area would be more pertainent to how the channel islands might react.

You said below - I might be surprised just how alike we think - I think not! You see the biggest difference between us is that I am still taking in as much as I can before deciding on whether or not to support the reserve concept. You on the otherhand have a long time ago decided it was long overdue and now anyone who won't join your point of view is labeled and stereotyped as "Hunter/Killers".

I've followed this board a long time and have in the past rarely posted. I find it amazing how quick someone like you can post an inflamatory message and yet also cry foul when the world doesn't agree with you.

Prove to me that 1 mile of improved habitat isn't worth 10 miles of reserve?

By the way, I'm not interested in your vote baby, I'm rather picky about quality on my team. Quite frankly, I prefer diversity and people who value other peoples input even when they dis-agree. I like people who don't take what is said and twist it into something different. More importantly I want votes from the people who aren't into labeling until after they know who and what I am.

I hear the other board is looking for voters though.

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