Read the Rockfish take/seasons for Rec. Vs. Commercial...

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Posted by Ed on November 04, 2002 at 08:16:45:

In Reply to: Could you sight some examples? posted by msblucow on November 01, 2002 at 21:54:59:

Basically, when there is X tons of rockfish (commercial) harvested, the commercial season will close.... Who reports how many tons? Commercials.... Do they have a STRONG INCENTIVE to fudge the numbers, and under-report? YOU BET !
Can we count on proper enforcement to make sure there is no abuse? NOPE! What a joke! Few wardens, most of which would rather go after a private boater/whatever than to go after the commercial guys.

If the rockfish stocks have depleted SUBSTANTIALLY, why not CLOSE, or SEVERLY LIMIT the take (Commercial AND Rec.).... Why would you even consider letting the commercials continue taking TONS and TONS ???

Closure / MPLA's have LITTLE impact compared to STOPPING COMMERCIALS TAKE OF TONS AND TONS OF FISH every month. Rockfish are NON-Migratory.... How many TONS can you take, year after year?

The same goes for other non-migratory species... Stop the MASS take of these resources. Closing one area off, will ONLY put SEVERE pressure on the surrounding open areas, which will keep expanding. I have already seen, on 3 occasions, COMMERCIAL BOATS INSANELY close to shore..... I mean, smack in the middle of kelp beds at Leo, Deer Creek, and Refugio. That includes "commercial fisherman" as well as "party boats".

You need not look far.... Look at the Lobster take, commercial vs. rec. Why are commercial guys allowed to LITTER HUNDREDS OF TRAPS EVERYWHERE, where lobsters get in, but can't get out ??? Then, compare it to all you need to do to harvest one as a recreational diver/fisherman..

Bottom line:
If you want to see a "real" change, limit/eliminate the MAJOR VOLUME takers (which do it day-in, and day-out).

If you want the people to 'cheer' for you under the false pretence that you actually give a darn about the environment, do what is being done now... Allow the major rape to continue, while you create a "preserve" for our children....

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