Re: Steve-O's ignorance is showing and his comprehension is poor.

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Posted by Bingo Bongo on May 06, 2003 at 09:41:26:

In Reply to: Re: BINGO! BONGO! Don't CONTINUE to be a Boob-o Steve-O posted by SteveK on May 06, 2003 at 07:55:34:

This is becoming painful. Not only are you not an independent thinker, you are a clinger too. At first I though there was hope for you, but alas.

So about those floating rafts of raw sewage you saw off Crescent. What was the biolytic chemical analysis of the sewage? What part of it's composition was untreated raw human sewage and how much was inert organics from seal and dolphin feeces? How sure what you saw wan't the jetsam and floatsam that is normally found collecting in floating paddies? Did you take a taste and realize a professional conclusion? Or, was there a piece of tissue involved so therefore in your trained professional scientific and self-analytical opinion it came from a boat or sleepy suburb?

I am doing something about the off shore dumping laws and their enforcement. I follow the law and report others who don't. When you saw a boat dumping raw sewage at a local island, did you confront the operator or captain of the boat? Which boat was it and when did you see it? If there was an island involved and you are in Ca, you were probably in Southern Ca. Did you turn in it's CF numbers or name to the Coast Guard? I have up here for the same thing. If the law is changed, I will follow that law too.

The problem I have with you is, again, not what you are saying, but how you are presented it as a parroting ass on this subject. Your lack to provide independent thinking on the topic is yet again inconversanary. And, once again, you have proved my point. This is the same point I though I made perfectly clear to everyone else who reads these words two posts ago, but you still refuse to understand less you not tout my initial point. You just refuse to get it.

Sqwaaaaaak! Steve-O want a cracker?

- 30 -

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