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Posted by Eric Frasco on May 07, 2003 at 23:13:19:

In Reply to: California No-Fishing Zone Takes Effect posted by Will on May 07, 2003 at 17:41:39:


You're just telling me what you want me to do, but you have not identified yourself, how long you have been diving (if you are a diver), who you are affiliated with, what shops you do business with, which beaches/boats you dive on. In fact, from your post, it doesn't even appear that you are a diver.

I am a tax paying sportsman, and your comments and proposals do not make any sense to me what so ever.

If you really want me to do something, make an attempt to appeal to my sense of reason. As far as I can tell, you're just a liberal-phobe, vege-phobe, and homo-phobe with a big mouth and a small brain. You say "give the power back to the WEAK," but the "WEAK" that you are referring to are those that are weak in the head.

If you have been diving in So Cal as long as I have, you would realize that something needs to be done, and it needs to be done soon.

Please define "reasonable logical common sense conservation." Please state a comprehensive plan that demonstrates this concept, and please define a means to implement this proposal without (as you propose) purchasing a DFG fishing license.

In fact, I propose that this message doesn't even deserve to be posted on this forum, and should be deleted according to the BBS rules, as it does not concern a diving related topic.

And please, if you do bother to respond to any of the comments I've made above, please do not spew the mindless United Anglers rhetoric that I've been hearing lately. The latest jewel that I've heard is that setting aside 25% of our coastal areas as MPA's will result in the closure of 95% of the most productive areas of our coastline. This is a ridiculous assertation, as it implies that the remaining 75% of the coastline only provides 5% of the total productive output of our marine ecosystem. Would you support closure of that 75% of our coastline to keep the remaining 25% of our coastline (which represents the "95% of the most productive areas") open? Think carefully before answering that question.

If the logic in my last paragraph gave you a headache, contact me directly and I will use smaller words and shorter sentences so that even a Neanderthal like you will understand the concepts that I am trying to convey. But I sincerely doubt that you will repsond, as it appears that you have already made up your mind and no amount of "reasonable logical common sense" discussion will change your opinion.

Do us a favor, stay off this BBS and restrict your posts to the other BBS's where this kind of flame trolling is more popular.

Unless you can provide me with good logic, hard facts, direct evidence, and persuasive arguements, you are wasting my time.


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