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Posted by Elaine on December 22, 2003 at 09:47:51:

In Reply to: Re: Funding Stewardship posted by Brad on December 22, 2003 at 06:35:50:

Another issue that arises with the "surcharge fee" is that it is affecting those that use the commercial dive boats. Who is going to regulate all of the private boat divers/anglers and those that dive from shore? The divers who dive from commercial dive boats are allready somewhat superivsed as it is.

What happened to the idea of just closing larger areas to fishing and hunting? I would pay more on a dive charter to dive in the protected areas, where presumably there would be more fish and photo subjects. If the closed areas weren't better than the open areas then I wouldn't pay extra to go there. It would be one way to monitor the effectiveness of closing the areas. If only commmercial dive boats were allowed in these areas you have a) recreational divers in the water as "monitors" b) some monitoring that "no take" is the actual usage c) some public surveylence that private/commercial fishing is actualy staying out of the area, and d) a source of revenue to monitor the area. I'm overstepping my bounds as a recreational diver in suggesting this role for commercial dive boats, but, divers have traditionally been Californias "kelp huggers". Just ask a Giant Black Sea Bass.

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