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Posted by Dave on December 27, 2004 at 20:46:30:

In Reply to: Re: TSA: no problems: Mexican flight oddity posted by Walt on December 27, 2004 at 09:27:49:

Transportation Stupidity Administration is a better name.

I have had more of my liberties restricted by the TSA then by al Qaeda.

Richard Reid, the mad shoe bomber said he watched the security screeners and saw they didn't search shoes, so he knew to place plastic explosives in his shoes.

Ok, using that obvious tactic, where do they now not search? They do not search in your body cavities, they do not search in bras, they do not search in your new searches are a total and utter complete waste of time, at the expense of your liberties, your time and your $.

Apparently women were complaning in the U.S. their bras were getting searched from the outside, duh, that is where the female Chechnan heroin addicted terrorists planted their plastic explosives before boarding the Russian plane. So now after rightfully complaining, in violation fo the 14th Amendment's Equal protection Clause, women now get searched less than men. Really makes alot of sense.

Then they are not profiling passengers in the name of political correctness.....I have seen these jackasses searching little 5 year old white girls with blonde pigtails......oh, now that fits the doubt they recruited them from a pre-school madrassa in surburbia. Of course they allow muslim men in full islamic drag wearing full length chadors and burkas covering their faces and beards to board without ever exposing their faces.....and if you ever listen to the boarding moron on their microphones instructing all boarders that anyone 18 or over must show id....ok, so I guess all Saudi male terrorists under 18 are apparently exluded from ever showing id.....that means all a 22 year old Saudi terrorist needs to do is claim he is 17 and therefore doesn't have identification, although any goon with $400 can go to McArthur Park in downtown L..A. and buy genuine California drivers licenses. Not to worry though, al Qaueda certainly has no means of producing false passports which ARE accepted as id to accomodate our over 18 Saudi terrorists patrons.

Until such time they do fully nude body cavity searches, the entire search thing and id thing is a complete joke.

I personally find the idea of some idiot uneducated dunce rubbing his hands all over my body quite repelling.....

I have had idiot airport types threaten to call police/security, at which point I have had to firmly put them in them and their tiny brains under the rock.

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