Aren't dive logs silly?

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Posted by Dave on December 29, 2004 at 22:22:05:

Ok, so I am bored.....So here' s my pet peeve-I think dive logs are silly. I do understand the value for recovering bodies if they see your repetitive dive profiles to see if maybe you did yourself in. My dive computer keeps track of all my dives and can store 1000 of them. And if you ar eusing it for no-deco repetitive profiles as a backup to computers, fine....but it is all the rest of the uselss junk.

I have seen many different logs and you ge to write wonderful totally usefull things like what your exposure suit type was, what your starting and ending psi was, whether it was salt or fresh water, the water temperature, check boxes for if you used gloves, boots, whther you used a hood, who your dive buddy was, whether it was a shore dive or boat dive.....visibility, weather, a checkbox for whether you used a steel or aluminum tank, what size it was, what the outside air temperature was, one even has a box to check for the amount of weight you used, and whether it was on your bc or your belt, what was the purpose of the dive, and one has a check box to write whether you were warm, cold or ok. And of course you get to write in your certification # on each page on one.

Maybe I have been diving too long (32 years), but isn't this mindless data aquisition rather useless? I'm willing to stand corrected.....

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