I like spearfishing

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Posted by seahunt on May 26, 2005 at 20:44:18:

I like to hunt underwater. It's one of the most exciting things I've ever gotten to do.
I do have a rule about eating what I catch. That's part of why I have all
of my recipes on my
web site.
I like calicos and rockfish the best. They are pretty good sauted. I used to like to
go after the whitefish because they are such a challenge to get. You have to sort of
sneak up on them behind a rock, then pop up and shoot them before they can
I never have liked hunting halibut and I've never liked their taste that much.
There is a lot to be said for the sport of spearfishing. It's more of a
challenge than a line. Though I haven't line fished much since I took up diving
34 years ago, I've still probably taken more fish on a line. It's just
Sheepheads aren't the hardest to get, but they are fun with a small spear and they
are great tasting smoked. Big ones will bite you if you shoot them wrong. I've seen
it. I used to shoot a lot of them when they were more plentiful. I even made a
necklace out of turqoise beads and sheephead teeth. I used to tell people I beat
up all the neighborhood dogs for their teeth. Sheepheads are really good smoked,
but only so so when sauted.
I haven't gotten to the outer islands much lately to hunt and I'm usually too busy
looking for bugs anyway. I also don't have time to do a lot of fish preparation for
smoking them. I never could see hunting at Catalina or Anacapa. They are a bit
overhunted anyway. Most of the fish are small. I can leave those islands for the
sightseers. It does seem to be getting better at the islands in general
The real problem seems to be the live fish trade. They fish near the islands for the
shallow fish that will survive being taken to the surface. They take an amazing number
of fish.
I have always coinsidered spearfishing to be fun and something of a challenge, but I'm
good at it so it's not to hard. I only use a pole spear, so I have to be a good shot
and hit hard.
Some people consider it more sporting to do it free diving, but I can tell you that's
wrong. If you can free dive past about 30 feet, the fish don't know what you are and
they are easy shots. You are quiet too. Scuba warns fish. Watch in front of scuba
divers moving across the reef with spears. About 30 feet in front of them all the
fish are moving out of the way. I used to make noise moving down a reef until I
was near the sand then I would go up and come down on the fish at the edge of the
I like looking at fish and taking pictures of them. That's one reason I have supported
the Marine Preserves. I also think there should be undisturbed places where divers can
see what an un-hunted reef is like. Still, I see no problem with hunting and
not just for trophies. There is a lot of room and a lot of fish out there.
I'm quite willing to leave frontside Catalina alone for many reasons, but if there are
fish, I'm quite willing to blast 'em. They always bite my bait. Ya know. Telephone
fishing, reach outand touch someone.
I sympathise with people that want to wave at the fishies and I will argue environmental
health with anyone, but I don't see anything wrong with legally taking what game I
I may have made a mistake though. I gave my kids smoked fish and they both want more. What
am I gonna do? I'm gonna blast some fish.
Enjoy the diving, what ever you like to do, seahunt

Whatever you do, don't lose your head about it.

Remember, if I'm holding it, it's a lot bigger than it looks.

I'll take any extras ya got. My kids are starting to gnaw my leg.

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