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Posted by seahunt on August 09, 2000 at 15:47:48:

In Reply to: ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! posted by MHK on August 09, 2000 at 14:18:39:

Come on Michael.
You are stating that 'suggestion, regulations, standards'
mean the same thing. If so, we are speaking a different
So to avoid that confusion, kelphead simply asked if you would
let her dive the Yukon, saying she intended to stay outside.
You still haven't stated your answer. I am very curious what
it is.
Really, I get the feeling that you are willing to tell her, me
and others what they can and can't do while diving. Your lack
of a clear response to this important question, suggests to me
that you are trying to hide an opinion that you know is
intolerable to people in a free society.
Let me make myself clear. I don't want your regulations
(call them what you like) and all the rest of them you
will find yourself forced to add, for my own good.
Americans have been trained that people that want power
over other peoples actions, no matter how noble or
ignoble their original intent, always abuse that power.
So while there are drawbacks to self determination and
freedom, it is the best system that we have found. That
is why our parents, siblings and some of us have fought
to the death to protect that system.
Do not expect to violate that system without protest. Do
not think that no one will notice you trying just because
you won't state your intentions clearly. We all are
familiar with our politicians that are constantly trying
to do the same thing.
A little regulation always sounds like a good, harmless
thing, except that it never ends up working out that
Let me give you a little warning. I promise you that
if you get to impliment your little regulations, you will
soon find bigger fish than you implementing regulations
that regulate what you think you are completely
qualified to do. You had better protect our right to
dive as we choose or you will lose your right to dive
as you choose.

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