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Posted by D'ville on September 06, 2000 at 17:18:17:

In Reply to: Thanks for that, and please explain... posted by Eins on September 06, 2000 at 14:04:46:

We went on a trip with our sport chalet club last spring. The month prior I had just received a vip and tumble for our aluminumm 80 tanks. After we got home I purged the tank before I put it away and water sprayed out. Not a lot, but just enough for me to be curious. I took the tank back to the store and asked them to check it for water inside. When they put the light probe in I could see a light rusting starting to form. The next weekend I took the other tank in and had it looked at too. It had the same rusting as the first tank but the color was darker brown. I paid for sport chalet to have both tanks tumbled. A month later I took another trip on the C-ray, but this time only I went as it was not our usual club, but still a sport chalet trip. After the trip I decided I should probably pull the tank valve off myself and look inside to see if again I had rust. With my tiny aaa flashlight I was able to see something I didn't see in the sport chalet store. there were drops of water in the bottom of the tank and a light pale brown powdery coating on the inside walls. I took the tank back to sport chalet and asked them what their opinion was. He knew I just had the tank tumbled and told me it looked like I was getting wet fills. The only fills I have gotten were from the sport chalet shop or the C-ray boat. I left my tank down there and paid again to have it tumbled. I went home and checked my other tank that had not been used since it's last tumble and it was silvery clean inside. I did not tell the guy in the scuba department that the only boat I had been diving from recently was C-ray because both times they were sport chalet groups that had the boat. Since then I have been diving other boats and doing a check of my tanks myself and have not had any problems. I even have sport chalet fill my tanks since then with no problem noticed. Do dive boats with compressors have and way of ensuring non-wet fills, like some kind of moisture filter? Now for the galley cook she's a very mean spirited person. My dive buddy got yelled at by her for pulling out a comb and walking outside of the galley to comb his hair. From behind her counter she yelled so that everyone could hear he not to comb his hair in the galley. My buddy was two steps outside of the galley and walking away when she yelled it out. Not a very nice way to treat customers I say. I do not think I have ever seen her smile on all the times I have been on C-ray. Everyone else that works on the C-ray are nice people. Too bad one person made our experience a negative one. C-ray also feels like it bounces around too much even when there is not too much waves. But you did not hear this from me.*&^%$#@!

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