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Posted by tleemay on September 26, 2000 at 11:54:20:

In Reply to: Re: What's this DIR stuff posted by Gerry Smith on September 25, 2000 at 19:36:48:

The primary reason why it comes off like the word
of God is that the system is considered to be
holistic and complete in gear configuration,
attitude and phylosophy. Without the proper correct
application of all three components, the system is
compromised, and therefore no longer considered DIR.

There are many people in the newsgroups, BBS's,
and mailing lists that are perhaps too passionate
about DIR and come off like they are preaching to
the masses - usually very loudly and in an arrogant
fashion. On the other side of this pro/con table,
there are those that have invested many years and
dollars into the way they currently dive and do not
feel the need to insitgate a safer and, in the
long term depending on how much diving you plan on
doing, less expensive hobby or profession. Bring
the two together and you have a verbal explosive
situation... one that usually goes off with a loud
BANG in public!

If you were to see one of us on the deck of the
boat and ask us why we do what we do, we will
explain it to you in an intelligent and rational
manner. True DIR proponents do not rant and rave
just to get the points across, rather they
explain in a point to point method and questions
or concerns someone who might be considering the
migration to DIR.

And here's to quell a common misconception;

The most famous term used for someone that does
not want to accept DIR might be a better way to
dive and is a safer and more efficient is Stroke.
The term has been used way too frequently over
the last 4 years to designate only someone who
doesn't dive DIR. The fact is, the term came from
the Florida cave diving community where early
proponents of what we now call DIR would label
those who refused to accept the ideals, even
if the practices were made mandatory to remain
on the exploration team.

A Stroke is also someone who holds themselves in
high regard to how others should respect them
since they have "X" patch or "X" certifications
without any real world experiences. Some
instructors are called "Instrokters" due to their
practice of selling new students gear and teaching
procedures that are proven not to be the safest
or cost effective in application. I overheard an
instructor tell his students in preparation of
their advanced deep dive that if they should run
low on air at -120', switch to the shop supplied
SA and signal to the instructor for further
instructions. This guy is considered an "Instrokter"
in my book.

What do we call someone who doesn't agree with or
use DIR? Just that; Someone who doesn't feel it's
right for them. No one is made fun of, no one is
called names, no one is belittled or forced to
feel inferrior.

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