Poseidon Regulators

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Posted by Jim Hoffmann on December 20, 2000 at 17:45:29:

Poseidon Regulators
There were a couple questions about Poseidon regulators from my last post. So here is what I know about them. Posiedon has been making regulators since 1958. They are used by the US Navy for there cold water open-circuit diving ( they use Odin’s).
Poseidon has a unique 1st stage and some very unique 2nd stages.
All of their new First Stages are balance diaphragm’s, but the design of this unit is completely different then any of the Conself copy’s. The Poseidon First stage has one of the highes flows rates of any of the diaphragm’s.
The main two second stages that Poseidon have been selling over the years have been the Odin and the Cyklon.
The Odin is a upstream diaphragm-actuated, servo assisted, second stage with a safety relief fitting in the second stage hose. The Odin is one of the few upstream regulators left on the market (it maybe the only one). Upstream means that the valve assembly opens against the air flow. The problem with this is that if the IP gets to high then you may damage the lp hose or the 2nd stage, ( on a downstream second stage you would just get a free flow) that’s why there is a relief fitting on the second stage hose.
I have found that the Odin’s stutter in the shallow water, but breath great when you get deeper. I have also found that they breath a little wet .
The Cyklon is a downstream Diaphragm actuated second stage. It to has a very unique design, this second stage has two arms with a joint, with one arm hooking up to the diaphragm and the other arm going to a poppet assembly. This 2nd stage works like most of the conventional 2nd stages. The main difference is the two articulating arms.
I work on these units all the time, they require lots of special tools and a manufacturers repair class to overhaul them.
Personally I would rather dive with my G250 or my Atomic. I think that they both breath better and are easier to work on.

Jim Hoffmann
Scuba Toys

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