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Posted by seahunt on February 07, 2001 at 21:07:18:

In Reply to: Re: Interesting.. posted by John Walker on February 06, 2001 at 23:01:02:

Hi John,
1) Are you advocating solo diving as a leader and editor of this diving
bulliton board?
I have to thank you for giving me this opportunity to say just that.
I had been working on some essays about the hunter, their techniques
and something about their gear. You make me think that I should do the
same with solo diving. Actually that last manuever by MHK suggested
the idea. I am sure Chris will let me know if he objects to me writing
about solo diving. Hey, maybe you can learn something. Actually, I
haven't really ever advocated solo in the past. That is a private thing
for each diver. Just for you though, I will.
2) And why would you hide behind a ficticious name?
You're strange John. You try to shame me and you are a
person with no shame. You have more bluster than a Santa Ana
wind at Catalina. You try to bully me over the internet and
complain about me hiding behind a handle... Well, uh.. I mean
handles on an BBS are the tradition you know. It's a privacy
issue. There are a lot of rude people out there. My name would
mean nothing to you. You can just call me Mike if you like. Ya know,
as a matter of fact, I see that you are almost the only one
that does put their full name. Doesn't that make you feel a bit
odd? I guess it's just a personal choice.
As for seahunt. Thanks Wayne. Thanks Dimitrios. I have never
had any illusions about my identity. I too remember the thrill of
watching Sea Hunt when I was a kid. As such I have tried to show
respect for that icon of diving. Originally though, it was a
coincidence. I got the email address with user name seahunt,
long before I thought of making a web site, but the website
was on that account so that was the URL and it did seem an
appropriate name. I always kept it small seahunt instead of
Sea Hunt, because I never confuse the two. Besides, my site
is largely about sea hunting. I do hope that my site does do
some justice to the spirit of adventure that was shown in that
unique TV show. Read my site John, you might enjoy seeing the
sport side of diving and the thrill of the hunt. I find that
more fun than a cave or a wreck. Hey, look at the other side of
the site and you might learn something about being human.. you
might even learn something about me... like that I can presist
at one thing for 30 years at a time.
John, I can't believe that you try to use self rightousness
as your arguement against solo. I don't think many people consider
you rightous. Everybody knows that diving is more risky than walking
and solo diving is probably a bit more risky than that, but so
what. You don't have to go off about it. We know that, but we just
think that diving is about fun and don't emote on it. You just use
other peoples misfortune for self promotion.

I don't mind if you want to pester me when I post, because I feel
free to pester people for questionable DIR posts or unwarrented personal
attacks. MHK, the main local DIR proponent resorts to BS to support
his position and it discredits what his message is. Your coming across on
this board like a junior high school bully does the same. But don't mind
me. I have no objection. Maybe I'll just offer a BS meter to rate your
posts, but probably not. Really, after that last episode, I would rather
never dignify another DIR post by responding, but someone should point
out that not all that DIR proponents say is true.
Ya know, there are some people around here that should look into Prozac.

Since both of you felt you had to try to annoy me, I'll take this
opportunity to post a message I made for you but haven't posted yet,
because I didn't know just what to do with it. You've cleared that up
for me though. This will tell you quite clearly where my position on
this issue presently lies.

In message
Posted by MHK on February 02, 2001 at 15:24:56:
You said:
I will pay for you and I to go on ANY trip on ANY boat of your choosing..
No limitations whatsoever, you chose the dive sites, you choose the profiles,
you can bounce up and down and do whatever the hell you want during any number
of dives.. I'll even make it a 2 day trip and we can dive from 6:00 am day one
through the night and into the next day and get as many as 15
dives in in two days.. You use a computer and I won't and I GAURANTEE 100%
that will come within NDL limits EVERY dive..

In message
Posted by MHK on February 05, 2001 at 12:19:01:
You repeated:
So rather than engage in mere speculation I thought I'd be practical about it
and show it in real life as opposed to cyber diving...


In message
Posted by MHK on February 05, 2001 at 09:40:24:
Seahunt posed a challenge to me and I've accepted in that I will do ANY
dive.. But in reality, as I've stated many times, we try to solve problems
before they occur.. What I mean by that is that I don't regularly engage
in diving sawtooth profiles.. I try to do the deepest part of my dive first
and then slowly work my way up, but simply to put the matter to rest I
wanted to make the point to Seahunt that no matter what kind of profile he
could come up with I would match the NDL's to his computer.. But in my view
that type of practice isn't something I would do and should be discouraged..
It's called thinking the problem through and solving as much of it as you
can before you get in the water..

No MHK, it was you that offered that challenge. That was just dishonest.
I'll take this final mis-representation to mean that you want to weasel out
of telling us your magical deco calculation method. You can't calculate a
sawtooth profile accurately and you as much as admit it, so you did this
little bit of verbal magic and say I challenged you and so let you off the
hook for a description of your method. Well, I'm annoyed at you for twisting
around what I said and it sure didn't fool me. As I said, diving within NDL
isn't hard. It would prove nothing. I'm still waiting for your method and
until we know it and know how to use it, I will continue to say that you
are promoting unsafe practices when telling sport divers not to use a
computer... and that's not the only bull that DIR proponents have tried to
foist off on us. You will have to let me slide if I don't take you too
seriously from now on.
Notice that I am careful to distinguish between DIR and DIR proponents. DIR
is a system with a good concept. The DIR proponents are just people and they
come across really weird, aggressive and fairly deceptive. Due to the
dishonesty of the last discussion I would just as soon ignore all posts by
certain DIR proponents, but I think it better that I try to post occasionaly
to help you clarify when you can't get your facts straight like this one.
You guys use really weird tactics to promote your vision of diving.

I think it will give you little satisfaction, but it amuses me, so here
is an URL for a pic taken last year... maybe by Chris.

Enjoy the diving, seahunt

PS. This is no fun. I'm gonna stick to diving. I do offer an apology to anyone that didn't find this stuff amusing up to this point.
PPS. If anyone cares. Today was a score for me Almost 3 years to make a SW product and it looks like it's getting picked up... up to 1 big Mil a year... for my boss. Also, another new app (8 months of hard work) out the door on the same day.
Every line and design was mine.

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