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Posted by kelphead on February 19, 2001 at 18:10:45:

In Reply to: Re: 1st Dry suit dive posted by John Walker on February 19, 2001 at 10:58:35:

when you say that ankle wts are unnecessary, you are
mis-speaking. there are two issues here that you
may have inadvertantly lumped together as one issue:

**issue #1 is air migrating to feet in a drysuit ---> i
understand that this problem would require something
like 'gator wraps'

**issue #2 is inherent buoyancy in the feet of a
diver IRRESPECTIVE of whether he/she is diving in
a dry or wetsuit ---> 'gator wraps', as far as i
can tell, will never solve this issue.

johnny-boy, i have to confess that my meat at my
feet are just inherently bouyant--hence my need
to use ankle wts even when i was wearing a wetsuit.
i tried a couple of times to dive w/o ankle wts,
and it was a very very bad decision. ankle wts
counter my inherent bouyancy that are in my feet.

i thought that the 'dui rock boots' were heavy
enough to counter my inherent bouyancy and, thus,
i could ditch the ankle wts, but i was wrong--i
still need the ankle wts even when wearing rock

btw, i have thus far not had an issue w/air
migrating to my feet and i certainly have not
had either of my fins pop off my feet; how much
air, for goodness sakes, does one need to pump
in their suit for THAT to happen??!!

in fact, as difficult as it may be for some to
believe, i didn't even have to purchase new fins.
the fins i currently have fit my rock boots quite nicely. = : )

so, no gator wraps for me--yayyyyyy!!!!!
and w/the way 'halcyon' runs their business,
i would be hard pressed to buy anything else
from them anymore(!!).

(plus i handmade my own ankle wts, so didn't
have to pay more than ~10$[??] for the materials
i used.)


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