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Posted by Eins on April 09, 2001 at 13:50:56:

In Reply to: Re: Questioning DIR's reason to donate the primary second ... posted by tleemay on April 09, 2001 at 11:48:39:

Let me quote JJ from GUE's site:

"By donating the long hose regulator from the mouth in an out of air situation one guarantees that the person most in need of a clean fully functioning regulator is going to get it."


From a lot of the responses in this and similar threads I see it confirmed that a stressed OOA diver is not willing or capable to make a decision, which regulator to take from you (assuming he has a choice). In his eyes, there is no question, because he sees the only one that he cares about: the one in your mouth. So, IMHO, that is the reason why the donating diver should donate that regulator and be prepared that it may be taken from him.

Kudos to Hogarth and DIR to tailor their gear configuration around this fact. And once again, I'm not debating this procedure, I support it.

I was questioning something different.

Now, to add something else to the discussion, I want to share my experience with a non-DIR approved gadget, my ball-shaped backup holder. It attaches firmly to a D-ring and holds my backup's mouthpiece so firmly that there is no chance for any debris, sand or even fine silt to get in there. The firm grip has, to this day, prevented it from ever coming loose by accident, but a firm yank will free the backup everytime I want it freed. So, what I'm saying is, there is more than one truth out there, and backups actually CAN be held safely and kept clean and in perfect working condition. And even when I purge the backup, the ball prevents a free flow. Maybe you guys can learn something new too ;-)

That being said, I fully subscribe to the suggestion that under the chin, on a bungee, is a better position for the backup. I'm just not there yet, for other reasons. I decided to donate available money to the Chamber rather than for new hoses that I would need.


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