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Posted by MHK on May 02, 2001 at 15:11:44:

In Reply to: this list is bias posted by John Walker on May 02, 2001 at 15:01:17:


The fact of the matter is that Chris is in the * it's my ball and I'll go home* mode.

He is a total hypocrite, he is dangerous in the water but has absolutely NO clue what he is talking about..

Since it is his list he does 2 things:

1) He only puts up with us when it doesn't conflict with his agenda ( ie; number of hits to this list, so he can adjust advertising rates);

2) When he doesn't have to speak in specifics because he is as clueless as Seahunt..

It's a lot like Dale Sheckler.. Dale asks me to write articles for California diving news and then doesn't publish them and/or sandbags me with editorials because they don't like what we say..

The fact of the matter is that what Dale, Chris and Seahunt know about diving can be summarized on a Post-it...

They are old school, they stopped learning and they think they know-it-all, but yet can't support one syllable of what they say, other than to say... * We've been doing it such and such way for years...*

Part of the reason on stay on this list is because they have such big mouths, and have the number 1 newspaper, that unless someone else steps up to the plate, many will believe their b*llshit...

It's 3:15 pm on Wednesday, let' see how long Chris let's this stay up even given the fact that I have not posted anything using sware words..

He doesn't like an opposing viewpoint so he tries to silence us...

Sorry boys, but our message will get out NO matter what you try...


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