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Posted by seahunt on May 03, 2001 at 16:37:20:

In Reply to: Re: Make it a 100 HP ... posted by MHK on May 03, 2001 at 11:21:09:

>I explained it to you, JJ explained it to you, Carmichael explained it to you, Lonsdale explained it
>to you, Walker explained it to you and Terry explained it to you..
BS. You said nothing (I actually thought that it was polite). Walker didn't once have
the beans to get near me all evening. Carmichael said nothing pertinent, mostly it was
about not using a steel tank. JJ did a demo. He had no time or interest in me. It was
a well done, 3 hour demo and that was what he was there to do. What time he spent talking
to me, he mostly just said he wasn't interested in going into it and why didn't I just
use NITROX. That was when I knew that he had no familiarity with CA diving.
Terry, on the other hand did. Remember, I was about the last person to leave the
demo. I was talking about the demo stuff with Terry in the parking lot. He is why I
quit saying that your deco method was completely non-existant (without comment of
what I think of the method).
So then why (look at the posts) didn't you answer my next day post when I asked
my questions about what I did manage to find out there? You just made your usual
primal scream about I didn't get it and didn't respond to any of the 5 followup
questions I clearly and (fairly) politely asked.

>well, JJ doesn't know Calif. diving so he must be wrong..*
No, I said that since he doesn't know anything about CA diving, why is he trying
to tell us how we should be doing it. That was in reference to his silly statement
that basically we should be using NITROX for any diving of the kind of diving I was
describing (bug diving off the west end of Nic). If he knew anything about CA
charter boats, he would know that NITROX is usually not an option and a short while
ago (before the Peace got it), simply wasn't an option at all and still isn't on
most boats... GE and TA come to mind. He has a hard arguement to support. Or should
we just not dive if there isn't NITROX?

>Funny because last time I looked at the PADI, NAUI or IANTD website none of them were
>giving away anything for free..
I can find innumerable books about standard deco techniques from PADI, ZAUI, NASDS,
Navy etc. I can find absolutely no reference to DIR deco technique. Could you direct
me to one if it isn't too secret. If you have such an innovative, radical and effective
technique, you are really obligated to offer it for some scrutiny, especially after the
critism you have gotten over it and its potential hazard. We went over that and it was
why I went to the DIR demo. I never got an explanation there (as I pointed out elsewhere).
It's not about teaching me for free. It's about backing up your wild claims just a little

Enjoy, seahunt

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