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Posted by Steve on May 04, 2001 at 17:17:20:

In Reply to: Re: is it possible yor really that stupid-continued posted by John Walker on May 04, 2001 at 15:11:24:


I am amazed at all the physiological functions that you point out that the computer doesn't deal with. Many of these issues are things that we must monitor of ourselves. If you don't feel well then don't do the dive including thirsty, hungry, tired, sick. Let common sense be your guide. I don't feel cheated that my computer doesn't do these things, it never was advertised that it could. I bought my Suunto Cobra for different reasons. It will give me during dives, NDL limits and deco info if I enter decompression, depth, time, temp, air time remaining, O2 and N2 exposure levels, ascent alarm, O2 alarm, air time remaining. I can downlaod the info and it prints graphs that I can pick any point during the dive to review my stats, tissue saturation levels from 9 models, SAC rate, PSI rate, amount of gas used, max depth, ave depth, temp, start time, end time, I can review the graph to see if dive plan was followed and if the planned stops were made. I can send the profile to the scientists at DAN who may use the data. I'm very happy with the unit. This info will assist me in future dive planning.

I'm not trying to talk you into buying one. I'm just letting you know why I use it.

"Dive computors are designed to make people wealthy. And I'm not refering to the consumer. They are expensive underwater calculators and need to be treated as just that."

You can say the same thing about almost any product on the market. Deco planners for laptops, BC's, Fins, bottom timers, wet suits, dry suits, cars, televisions on and on. I recommend you purchase things that make you happy.

"Use a computors as if they exist ina large grey hallway. Make modifications to protect yourself."

Good advise, I know from my experience and the way I feel after dives that if I'm within the safety zone of my computer I will probably not get DCS and it gives me a setpoint that I can refer to.


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