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Posted by seasnake on May 16, 2001 at 10:33:34:

In Reply to: Re: Oh Creative One posted by seahunt on May 15, 2001 at 21:50:56:

Mike, I agree that humanís are creative but we create from our experience. You talk about
writing and essay and that it was original, but didnít you have to do research on the essay
werenít the concussion reached in the essay partially from the research. You say your
pictures are original, OK you took the photoís but where did you get the idea for the
photoís, where did you get the idea for the f-stop setting, the speed, the lighting, what
film to use, what lens. If you are using someoneís elseís ideaís to help you write an essay
or take a picture, is it original, or is it a sum of all ? You talked about the internet and
space. I read a book by Heinlein when I was a teenager (a long time ago, this book was
written in the 50ís) in Heinleinís book I read about people talking to each other over
there computers(is this where Al Gore got the idea), I read about people voting for a
government on there computers, I read about people using credit disc (ATM cards), I
read about people go into space.
Man has been talking about and thinking about space flight for a 1000years and about
computers for at lest 100years. You canít tell me that the people who make computers or
ran our space program were not influence by what they read in books, the teachers they
had in school, or what they saw on TV.
Every new modern device or thing came from an old idea. Every concept came from an
older idea.
There hasnít been an original idea since before the Hammurabi code was hammered in
The only person who had an original idea must of been Adam (and we all know what he
had in mind). Adamís first idea pretty will somes up mankind character doesnít it.
Mike the whole human race is a race of plagiarizers, there is nothing wrong with that, as
long as you donít copy it word for word.

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