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Posted by seahunt on June 05, 2001 at 21:12:43:

In Reply to: Re: "Obfuscation"? posted by CarolB on June 05, 2001 at 17:11:08:

Actually, I have little interest in telling anyone how to dive. It's too much a personal hobby and anyway, there is and always has been a lot of people that are more than willing to tell a person how to dive. If you look through my site though, you will see many many tips for safe, comfortable, effective diving.
Also, as I asked MHK, give me a short amount of time. I just came up with the idea. It is not a simple task. It got to be thought through some or it will not be clear.

>2. Since when is having fun a priority over being safe and efficient in the activity?
First off, efficiencey is objective based and so that is subjective. If your choice is to hunt lobster, what gets the most lobster is most efficient. If you want to dive deep, whatever gets you down there and back again, is efficient.
Secondarily, safety is always a trade off. If you want perfect safety, don't dive. A -good- buddy team is likely to be a bit safer than a solo diver, but is often not an option if you want to dive. Also, a buddy is not always desirable. A diver must evaluate all the risk factors and decide if and how they want to dive.
>Safe and efficient diving can only add to the fun factor.
Sorry, but wrong. There are alot of things that get more fun as they get more dangerous. Luckily, that's only marginally true for diving or it would be a far more dangerous sport than it is.

>Are there now two standards; ones for the DIR people and ones for everyone else?
Actually, almost no posts have ever been removed. The FAQ says no profanity. I think that "who gives a sh*t???????" and "clue what the hell you are talking about" could be easily interpreted as profanity, as judged by what standards of language are appropriate for the children that may be looking at this site. It's generally called "the 12 year old rule". This web site can become registered with net filtering software if it does not enforce certain standards. Sure, it's a grey area, but that's why the post and many like it weren't removed. We are just asking posters both to keep their language appropriate for any children that may find this site and to try to keep within the bounds of common courtesy for the rest of the posters. Also, could you please show me where Chris or I have posted what you consider profanity.

>Especially from the one line robotic responses from the lists' admitted dark side divers.
Michael wants them short and they aren't long enough for you. Sorry. Also, just for myself, I find 'dark side divers' distasteful and misleading. I have never used any description for myself other than a person who dives for the fun of it.
... Look at the post by Wayne, just above - I think you are missing the point - Wayne 17:35:48 - and you can get a pretty good idea of what my idea of diving is.
Now, time to get on. I have work to do and that's before I can think of writing about diving anymore.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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