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Posted by seahunt on July 19, 2001 at 22:15:28:

In Reply to: Re: Here de profile posted by MHK on July 19, 2001 at 17:11:36:

Well, I have to thank you for your explanation and won't complain that it was just a little belated.
The reason that when mentioning your depth averaging technique I often state that it was novel, is that it absolutely goes against what we were taught in classes back whenever. It really struck me as novel when Terry gave me enough information to figure out that that was what you were doing, but it also made sense.

I have to ask you about one comment below to SLANG
>why was Seahunt screaming so loudly that it can't be done????
I'm glad you used the word 'was', because since the demo, I have never, in any post questioned your deco methodology and that was quite a while ago. If you disagree with that, please show me where. I can show you my post from right after the demo where I clearly stated that you did have a manual deco method. My only question at the time (my first post after the demo) and since, was how you got that average. You have finally answered that.
I did assume that you were using a different algorithm, because you talk about DIR efforts to validate a new algorithm, but as you say that is not the issue.
By the way, those were not meant to be particularly difficult profiles. I was far more interested in your techniques than in stumping you, but I can still see many places where there are ambiguities that used to drive us crazy 30 years ago. The tables go in ranges of times and groups of depths. Dives go in minutes and feet.
As such, I still would be inclined to say that I expect a major error factor to arise, but I have accepted your statements that you could do better than a computer for various reasons including Ron Bear's confirmation.
I hope in that email you showed your solution for Eaglers Reef. Really, your analysis of my profiles is likely to have an error based on data interpretation, but since that problem would not arise when you were using recording gauges, it is an artificial and irrelevant issue.
Well, it's nice to finally see your method described by you.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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