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Posted by Sea Bass on July 24, 2001 at 22:10:09:

I'm a lurker and I don't usually post but I do read this list often. I'm not DIR but I'm moving in that direction. I live in Northern California and do not have an opportunity to attend any of the DIR demo's so my only opportunity to learn about it is on this list. You seem to hate MHK and go out of your way to interupt anything that he has to say. I do not have a dog in this fight and I do not care to take sides between you and MHK. From what I have read MHK seems like a nice enough guy and has his heart in the right place. I can also tell that you want civility but in the last week I have noticed that you have attacked MHK and I wish that you would stop.

If you two can't work out an agreement I wish that you both would take it off line. I happen to agree with MHK in that you do not want to discuss diving and all you want to do is fight with him. I also do not understand why MHK does not just ignore you. I have been reading this list for about 4 months and MHK has taught me more about diving than any class I have ever been to. I am a PADI Divemaster and while I am not happy about his attacks I do respect what he has to say. I wish that MHK would be kinder in his comments but it is refreshing to see someone willing to donate so much time and effort to encourage diving safety. I have read MHK's responses to your posts and I happen to believe that he is right. MHK talks about diving and you do not. For the sake of the list will you please stop your attacks and listen to MHK and stick to diving. MHK, will you stop lowering yourself to his level because you offer so much but your message is not taken seriously when you result to dirty fighting. I've come to respect what you say and I want to learn more about DIR but your message is lost when you fight with Seahunt.

I'll go back into my hole and keep lurking now.

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