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Posted by MHK on August 08, 2001 at 12:45:36:

In Reply to: Re: Hey MHK - sugar vs. vinegar posted by AADIVER on August 08, 2001 at 11:44:44:


There are always different ways to do different things, and as a representative sample of the local DIR voice my words are not the final avenue.. In other words, you have guys like Kendall, Terry, Pat, Don, and a few others that are much more PC than Walker and I.. That being said if someone is really turned off by me or Waker there are plenty of other talented and knowledeable guys that can answer the questions, and they are all free with their time..

If someone is looking for a reason to ignore the message and continue to live in denial, there isn't much I can do about it, and it's likely that if someone is really that offended by what some anonomous guy says on an internet BBS, then that person probably lacks the mind-set to adopt a more efficent approach to diving.. Frank, you know better than most on this list, why sometimes tough love is a better approach..

If some want to continue with the PADI pep rallies then so be it, but after 19 fatalities in 17 months here in Southern California we are quickly becoming the leading area for scuba fatalities in the world.. Could you imagine how far ahead of Florida we would be if we had caves out here???

The time for niceness and kind and gentle, touchy feely stuff is long behind us and rather than lead, PADI has taken advantage of the situation.. Are all problems in scuba to be blamed on PADI??? No.. But as the *leaders* that they keep claiming to be I'd expect them to to a proactive step to reversing the trend, not helping to turn the clock backwards..

Take for example the idiocy of offering *deep air* training.. Even IANTD was pulling back from this because it's dangerous, it's stupid and it certainly can't be taught or sold vis -a- vis a cd-rom.. PADI has steadfastly refused to discuss the merits of the program and then further defies logic by telling me that it's up to the instructor to decide whether to take the student to 165' on air during training... How in hell then can you purport to represent that you are certifying a diver for life on deep air, and then not even take the student to that depth??? Isn't one of the things they are purporting to teach you is that you can avoid narcosis at 165' and/or how to deal with it???? If so, then don't you actually need to be at depth?? If not, what's the point????

I could go on and on about such insane examples of the sell out, but I'm told you guys are sick of me PADI bashing.. Bear in mind I'd much prefer a two way dialogue with PADI and not a one way monologue, but PADI's schedule seems to be full... ;-)

So Frank, at this stage in my life I am who am I, and if someone is looking for positive reinforcement, merit badge patches, cd-roms, tatoos or bubble-makers then as I noted in another post, they should march right into Sport Chalet and they'll take care of them NOT me...


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