Re: Picking and choosing which *rules* apply

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Posted by MHK on August 13, 2001 at 14:38:22:

In Reply to: Re: Picking and choosing which *rules* apply posted by SLANG on August 13, 2001 at 14:23:17:


I've said what I'm looking for several times in this thread.. I'd rather not discuss minutae in this thread.. I'd prefer other's do the talking.. I'm frankly tired of defending what we do, day in and day out, so it occured to me that many on this list are quick to throw stones when we open up a line of discussion so I thought I'd give some examples..

I've still yet to see anyone discuss the inconsistency with respect to when we deviate from an *industry standard* or *rule* or whatever label someone wants to apply to it, it's considered giving *potentially fatal advise*, and when others relentlessly ignore the *industry mantra* it's seems OK.. In other words we justify every syllable we say and/or do to the umpteenth degree and it gets a little tiring sometimes that after all this time, and after constantly backing up everything that we say and do, when we ask the same of other's there is a steadfast refusal to discuss the issue..

All I'm hoping to do with this thread was to open a few eyes and get some to stop accepting everything the dive industry adopts and to get some to think outside the box...

The silly notrox stickers were used an example because we had just been discussing them and they are the perfect example of what nonsense gets adopted as law...

Content lableing is MUCH more important and meaningful then any ridiculously stupid 3", color coded system that provides NOTHING of value... That's the point if you really want to stay with the Nitrox issue... Color coded nonsense does NOT replace content markings and it emphasises the fact that the industry focuses on all the wrong things..

Let me ask you this.. What is more important or more valuable, the 3" sticker or the content label????

If you answer honestly the answer is by far and away the content sticker... So why is it that you hear nothing about content stickers, you have no industry standards vis-a-vis content, but you have such a pronounced emphasis on advertising stickers that provide virtually no useful information????

There is no ulterior motive here SLANG.. I'm just trying to point out what's important and what isn't...


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