AND the wing chafing is eliminated! That ain't ten bucks!

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Posted by justryit on August 15, 2001 at 12:30:25:

In Reply to: OK guys here it is! posted by justtryit on August 14, 2001 at 16:32:35:

plus like Frank said its 15 or 16 bucks anyway. Those of us who beach dive frequently get some sand and it will scrub a hole in the wing if the webbing is bent like that. Ya it takes time but when you discover the hole is likely to be a time you do not want to discover a hole. By snug I mean NOT tight but with a recommended "three fingr fit" I found this (as others have ) when trying to get in and out of a Hogarthian rigged BP. My first solution was to put release buckles on but that really is not a good answer and does not keep with the spirit of Halcyon's DIR (my Dive-Rite still has a version of continuous webbing w/release, hard to explain but NOT as good as Halcyon with crossed straps) I looked closely at the way the webbing was distorted and thought to try the crossing thing (not cross dressing!) It WORKED and with NO disadvantages! No chafe, no in and out difficulty, no too tight/too loose.
No problems. I saw that as an advantage over SOME problems!
My mistake in this is to assume that if Halcyon and others wanted the straps to be right strap over right shoulder they would have cut the slot at a different angle!!! since they don't and it works so well crossed I had to assume the GENIUS' at Halcyon MEANT it to be that way! Fair to assume because Halcyon IS the BEST, period, NO joke.

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