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Posted by Glenn on August 15, 2001 at 16:23:31:

In Reply to: AND the wing chafing is eliminated! That ain't ten bucks! posted by justryit on August 15, 2001 at 12:30:25:

"My mistake in this is to assume that if Halcyon and others wanted the straps to be right strap over right shoulder they would have cut the slot at a different angle!!! since they don't and it works so well crossed I had to assume the GENIUS' at Halcyon MEANT it to be that way!"

Or maybe because that is just the angle they wind up with after bending the steel plate after it goes through the plasma cutter. I'm sure that if "Halcyon MEANT it to be that way" they would have posted pictures on their web site of it being used that way. Seems to me you would want zero chafing of the belt since it is one long piece. If one piece breaks there is no redundancy. Seems to me a 4" angle grinder will take care of the rough edges causing the chafing. It shouldn't be necessary as this implicates poor quality control from the manufacturer, but sometimes you gotta make do with what you're stuck with.

"Fair to assume because Halcyon IS the BEST, period, NO joke. "

Sounds like a Ford vs. Chevy debate here. BTW, see last sentence above. If a manufacturer can't even handle fit and finish issues, I wouldn't entirely trust their products.

As for why the DIR and WKPP folks like Halcyon so much a quick look at their web page will explain it. Low and behold Halcyon is listed as a sponsor. No wonder the equipment list requires so much Halcyon stuff. Not just a knife holder will do, it must be a Halcyon knife holder. I bet if Halcyon made a car everyone would be forced to drive it.

Hell wear the equipment any way it works for ya. If it doesn't work, well, for about $10 for a stainless steel plate from the steel yard and $30 to rent a 110volt plasma cutter for the day and make your own backplate. Pay a shop machinist $10 to bend it to whatever angles you like if you don't have access to a press, and for $50 you have your own custom plate.


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