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Posted by MHK on August 22, 2001 at 11:51:21:

In Reply to: DIR help?????? posted by Jacob on August 22, 2001 at 11:37:09:

I have taken several GUE classes and I am currently in an internship program to become a GUE instructor and as such I've had the opportunity to work with Andrew Georgitis, who is the training director for GUE. In my experiences both as a student in a GUE class and as a *de facto* instructor for several classes my observations are that GUE is an agency that challenges the student to do more, and challenges the student to be prepared for a real life possibility. GUE takes an alternative approach to training then is currently existing in the dive industry. They resist the trend to shorten classes and they resist the trend to pass otherwise unqualifed students, with promises or expectations of futrure training classes.

The training is substantially more comprehensive and attention to proficency and helping a diver to strive for maximum efficency is the goal in a GUE class. Unlike other agencies, GUE spends an inordinate amount of time teaching the concept of team diving, standardized gear configurations, and depending on the class you are taking the academic are much more detailed and comprehensive then you are accustomed to seeing from other programs. For example, the discussions about decompression theory are discussed in great detail, as opposed to lip service and a recomendation that you buy a computer, just to name one issue.

You'll find that GUE doesn't discuss * in the unlikely event* but rather focuses the efforts on that * if it can happen, it will happen* and thus prepares you for that. And they do so while simulating situations that help to induce a stressfull situation, and then critic your responses. Of course this is done under controlled setting, usually in 30' or less under the watchful eye of the instructor. But the biggest intangible that I have noticed is that GUE is more willing to discuss the fact that sh*t happens underwater so they train you to be prepared for that eventuality. It only has to happen once, and if the student is untrained or unqualified it could cost a life..

There are many intangibles that are difficult to convey via a BBS, but the short and simple way to express my observations is that GUE simply wants more out of there students, not less in favor of market share..

Let me know if you have any specifics you want to discuss and I'll expand...


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