Re: We haven't learned from our mistakes.

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Posted by MHK on September 05, 2001 at 16:27:39:

In Reply to: We haven't learned from our mistakes. posted by Kevin on September 05, 2001 at 16:19:44:


You are correct about a few things.. I thought the same analogy when I heard what happened and I know that Jeff reads this list occasionally and I hope that he offers up his perspective if he is up to talking about it...

As for learning from mistakes, the biggest problem I see on this list, is that most don't even think there is any sort of problem.. The denial is almost as worse as the defenses and the excuses...

The reason why I keep posting the numbers is because some will contort the facts to suit their agenda but in the final analysis the body count is adding up and the fact that the Catalina Chamber treated 7 divers in 30 days should tell you alot.. By in large our diving is limited to a weekend market and we still treated 7 diver's in one month...

Until people wake up and are willing to admit that SOMETHING is going on we won't make any progress...

I have no idea what the other chambers did for the month, nor do I have any idea about fatalities up north, so in a best case scenario the numbers suck, and they only get worse if we get added info...

So I get sick when I hear about * PADI not watering down standards* or * I understand the added risks and I accept them* or some other silly catch phrase that gets thrown around when the discussion is theoretical.. When the fatalities happen those same voices are silent until the dust settles and then they pop up again trotting out the same tired arguments when some distance is created from the tragedy...


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