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Posted by seahunt on September 13, 2001 at 22:19:33:

In Reply to: Seahunts near demise ...at MY hand (not a threat, an apology!) posted by JohnB on September 13, 2001 at 12:54:56:

Lets clarify a few things.
I wrote John a note about this both because the events had the potential
for extremely serious consequences and because what happened was very
odd. I stated that I had not posted because I had no intention of
embarassing anyone or any diving philosophy. I had intended not to
post about it... (of course, had the gear been Mr. Kanes there might
have been a bit more ribbing....)
Does anybody notice that nobody has yet clearly stated what happened.
May I paste some notes from this discussion, that up to now, I have
From John
I sent Mike into the water without advising him COMPLETELY all the
aspects of my gear!

Many of us for one reason or another let a lot of pre-dive discussion
that needs to take place, lapse
My mistake in that case was not having a solid mental or physical
checklist of items needed to be discussed before hand. I am trying
to encourage that here.
More REAL info = fewer problems

From Kendall
1) You lent Mike a rig which malfunctioned because he wasn't aware of
how you had it rigged?
These quotes show a horrendous misunderstanding of the problem and
that relates to why I consider it an odd issue. We had a long detailed
discussion of the gear, it's setup and its variations. I asked many
questions about how certain common problems/issues (like light
placement) is solved. I was given a detailed pre-dive discussion of the
gear, something that I appreciated.
What happened had nothing with how the gear was literally rigged.
The problem was that the second stage of the regulator was loose on the
hose and came off. Considering that I was using a small tank and swimming
hard, this could have been a problem. Considering John's ealier statement
that the purge could empty the tank in about 30 seconds, that tells you
what happened to the air I had and how fast. considering that, I cannot
imagine what adjustments could be made in water. This does not come up in
a pre-dive disussion. If it is remembered, it is fixed for me before the
dive. Would a gear inspection have shown this problem? Probably not and
this is not something that should have to be looked for... (? rental)
So... all I had to say about it was that it was an extremely odd problem
and potentially quite serious. Pre-dive disussion or gear rigging had
nothing to do with it. The pony comments were pertinant, but really, that
gear failure should never have happened.... That qualifies as an
interesting issue.
Well, it was a fun enough dive and I still appreciate the use of John's
gear and his extensive disussion of it. I'm glad the problem did not arise
in the canyon.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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