Dangerous Attitudes

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Posted by Maddiver on November 13, 2001 at 13:44:52:

In Reply to: Re: I may be mistaken but............... posted by Chris on November 13, 2001 at 13:19:52:

"Deco on air is obviously better than no deco at all!
Deco on O2 rich mix is better, but you must go with what you have at hand."

No you don't have to go. That's like saying Ok I'm going to a dive that normally doesn't require any or much deco on air (but would definately be better on nitrox) and have no contingency for overstaying my bottom time or the ramifications of such activities. I commented earlier on the wetsuit/thermal curve and gas solubility issue with respect to five more minutes. Its getting to the point of insanity...let me lay it out for you

1) it would be best if I did this dive on mix....well I'm too lazy or a few bucks is too much so I'll dive air

2) I won't put a deco bottle in (40 would have been more than adequate and I won't even say you had to use O2 in msbluecow's case a 70 ft bottle aka 50% would have allowed her a leisurely 60' stop and done some real good) because its expensive, I'm too lazy or some other cockamayme excuse

3) I feel chilled after my deco stop but I am fine up until I have to stop so my wetsuit is fine. (crap as you are cold long before you notice it and this effects you offgassing potential). Get a drysuit or at best a thicker better fitting wetsuit and/or hood/vest combination.

But it is almost like you go down the checklist of what not to do and say well I'll just do five minutes and make up for the three strikes above. And I'll meet you at the bar friday night and after 10 rounds of drinks I tell you "I gotta go with what I have at hand and squeel out of the parking lot"

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