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Posted by George Austin on December 18, 2001 at 08:40:55:

In Reply to: Re: Still Waiting (and waiting) For Clarification George Austin posted by 4Real on December 17, 2001 at 18:44:55:

You're going to have to understand something about thermodynamics before you can get the issue with tank fills. Simply stated, there is only a finite amount of gas that will fit into a limited area. Take an HP 100 cubic foot steel scuba cylinder. Some people disable the burst disk thinking that if they fill this bottle to say 4,500 psi,that they're increasing the volume of air directly proportional to the psi increase during the duration of the fill. This is idiocy and I've got the engineering degree to prove it.

Here's another example, I could probably increase the air pressure of this 100cf steel tank to 6,000 psi (provided I had the right compresssor) without it blowing out (gag the burst disk)
Since diver A gets 1 hour of bottom time at 30fsw with the (normal) 3,000 psi fill, does this mean that he'll get 2 hours at 30fsw with 6,000psi?

See, the problem is that I've spent my life working in thermodynamics and when some burger flipper scuba diver trying to kill himself in Florida says he can put twice the amount of air into a cylinder without filling it twice is so stupid that it doesn't even warrant a response.

Now, before you go around making a bigger fool of yourself than you already have. Do a google search on Isaac Newton and get educated. (And use your real name)
And another thing, just because a self proclamed scuba god says he can do something thats impossible in the known universe, based on known laws of physics, you may want to check the facts yourself.

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