"Just the Taxi Driver" Oh Contaire mine DM.

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Posted by Captain Tim on July 17, 2002 at 18:19:18:

"As a DM the dive operations belong to you. The captain is just the 'Taxi Driver'. When the hook goes in the water the responsibility of the dive and operations belong to the DM".
Oh contraire mine DM. Sorry, but I take personal offense to this statement, and I am sure that every other Captain that reads this feels the same way. First off, the only reason that there are DM's is the sad status of lawsuits and of course to help divers. 20 years ago, nobody had DM's, nobody. Second, a DM has no legal authority on any vessel, over any diver. Only the Captain does. Most Captain's including myself delegate this authority to the DM's but the ultimate decision on all matters, is the Captain's. The Captain is the only one that has to go before a board of investigators from the Coast Guard. Oh, and try the excuse, the DM told me they we all here.
Now going back to being only the "Taxi Driver". Personally, I would not like to go out on any boat that, that was what was going on. Every Captain that I know takes personal pride in taking divers to the best location that is possible. I call Captains of other boats all the time to see what is going on, where the best diving is, ect. And I get the same calls from other Captains.
Last item. Except for a very few DM's when the S**T hits the fan, the crew are the ones taking care of the injured diver. Just this last weekend, I got very belligerent with a DM for not jumping in to help a diver. The diver was only 20' from the boat, and the DM was trying to decide where to put his clipboard, and look for his fins. After a very brief comment from me he jumped into the water and stopped the person from drowning. I have yet to here from the owner of the shop, but that is emanate.
"Just the Taxi Driver". I think not.

Captain Tim Burke
Great Escape Charters

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