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Posted by Kendall Raine on August 21, 2002 at 12:57:18:

In Reply to: Re: One last try. posted by Steve on August 21, 2002 at 11:45:41:

You've missed the point, again. The rig is net 20 lbs negative full and is dived with a 55 lbs wing. Net is the operative number, always. The only way it's 40 net negative is if you flood your drysuit totally and lose your wing. The example you gave for this wholly theoretical event was getting all cut up in a wreck. While farfetched, such a thing is possible, I suppose, if you jam yourself in a hole and thrash around like a maniac. Drysuits are very hard to cut. They're even harder to massively cut along the back since your tanks protect it there. Even if you completely flood the thing, and rip your wing to pieces, you're not going to sink into the abyss since you're on the wreck in the first place. Provided you're not a complete baffoon, you've got plenty of time to deploy the SMB and take the elevator up. In a cave, you can pull and glide. The notion that you can sustain some sort of simultaneous multiple spontaneous combustion of drysuit and wing in blue water or diving on an oil rig is absurd. It's a scenario you created and then changed to justify a continuation of this increasingly mindless exchange. Either that or you're suffering from psychotic daydreams.

You continue to ignore the fact that I've maintained all along that 80's are fine in certain circumstances. They are not foolproof, but are fine for the Moody provided you recognize the ditchable weight issue. The weight harness is one way to deal with that.

Finally, you ignored the whole capacity issue, as well. Your original post said 104's in OW were a no, no. My orginal post just basically said that was inaccurate. While you may not need the capacity on the Moody, not everyone sees the Moody as the definition of a complex dive. Believe it or not, there are dives which demand greater capacity than the Moody. 104's are used quite successfully in OW all the time.

Tell you what I really think. I think you're primary purpose is to get attention by arguing. Winning the argument seems unimportant since you never do. No one's that inept. And it's not just with me, it happens with others, as well. Time and again you're on the silly side of the debate. No amount of logic or real world experience stands in your way. Perhaps it's a need to be the victim. Regardless, it's just kind of pathetic.

I'll make you a deal. Whenever I feel compelled to repond to your foolishness, I'll just fill in the subject box with something like "nonsense" or "not true." No text. That way, people will know they might at least be cautious about believing what you've said. Anyone can e-mail me privately if they want the logic. No need for you to respond, either, since I'll no longer be drawn in. I'll save lot's of time and you won't need to go through all this rhetorical masturbation.

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