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Posted by msblucow on October 26, 2002 at 23:21:40:

In Reply to: Brad you really don't want to start this again with me- do you? posted by Finfan on October 26, 2002 at 09:12:17:

that hunters are nothing but a bunch of selfish, ill-informed yuppie scum. I'm sure your fellow hunter-gatherers really enjoy having you as their spokesperson.

The sad thing is there are probably a lot more hunters out there who know the fisheries are going to hell than there are the "conspiracy-nuts-everything-would-be-just-fine-if-the-government-would-get-out-our-way" types like you seem to represent.

The idea of a marine protected area is scary one for a lot of folks, but it's long overdue. Yes, this is an experiment for us. Nothing else has worked, not management, not quotas, not temporary closures. But this has. Just ask the folks in Florida where they catch prize-winning fish year after year and they'll tell you it's the border areas around waters that have been closed by the military for decades now. Or ask the fishermen in New Zealand and they'll tell you about the Poor Knights Islands and other marine protected areas that have been off limits to consumptive uses even longer.

Grow up, finfan...the marine parks are here. We're only talking about (drumroll please) ONE PERCENT OF CALIFORNIA'S COASTLINE.

Maybe you could try a new hobby if you can't stand the idea of getting in the ocean and killing anything you can get your hands on. Or maybe you could try a little personal restraint.

Oh, and by the way, what was your address again? Don't be concerned if a couple of fellows dressed in DFG costumes show up at your Halloween party. Believe me, they were invited ;-)

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