who wants to help set a maximum size limit on lobsters?

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Posted by jlyle (el buzo viejo) on November 22, 2002 at 15:46:56:

I contacted DFG re how to change the sport fishing regulations to set a maximum limit on lobsters. Below is the response. Who wants to help?

Dear James L. Lyle: The minimum size limit for spiny lobster is set in
Commission regulation, section 29.90. Title 14, California Code of
Regulations. [You can view that section on line at www.dfg.ca.gov or via
www.oal.ca.gov ]

The sport fishing regulations are reveiwed [opened] for changes on a
two-year cycle; the Commission considers proposals / recommendations at
its early August meeting in odd-numbered years - so our August 1-2, 2003
meeting in Long Beach is the next regularly scheduled time.

Should you wish to pursue establishing a maximum size you might begin
now to locate scientific studies that document the effects you have
mentioned, that is, that the larger lobsters contribute a
disproportionate portion [in relation to their abundance] of
eggs/larvae. Some time around May or June 2003 you can write to the
Commission requesting / suggesting the change you are thinking of, and
send a copy to the Department of Fish and Game, Ms. Patty Wolf, Marine
Region Manager, 4665 Lampson Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720.

The Department will be asked to review and evaluate your proposal and
make a recommendation to the Commission. Your recommendation should
include a specific size and the reasons for choosing that paricular

One other small piece of information for your consideration is that
such a change would effect only the recreational harvest of spiny
lobster, not the commercial take. The commercial size limit is set in
statute [section 8252, Fish and Game Code - on line at
www.leginfo.ca.gov ] so that can only be changed by a bill through
the legislature, signed into law by the governor.


John Duffy

John M. Duffy
Assistant Executive Director
Fish and Game Commission
1416 9th Street, Room 1320
Sacramento CA 95814

916 653 4899
916 653 5040 fax

>>> "James L. Lyle" 11/18/02 09:52AM >>>
Dear F&G:

How do we go about getting an maximum size limit legislated for
There is a great deal of support from the diving community for setting
such a limit! It is felt that the big 'uns are the mega breeders and
should be left alone. I believe that Maine has both minimum and maximum
size limits for their "bugs" so there should be some research upon which
to justify such a limit.

If you are not the best person to contact in regards to this, please

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