How deep is the UB-88?

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Posted by Chris on January 17, 2004 at 02:52:10:

The UB-88 website says “The wreck lies far deeper than the accepted sport diving limit of 130 feet”. However looking at the pictures and video of the wreck I have to question this assertion.
I have dove extensively in these waters for years and I have learned that sea life you see changes with depth.
On most structures such as oil rigs and wrecks in the local area at about 130 ft and below one sees metridium anemones whose density tends to increase with depth. Yet if you watch the movies and look at the pictures on the UB-88 website the only metridiums are in the picture of the net float.
If you look at the picture of move of the foredeck you will see iridescent purple plant that grows in the shallows in Northern California, and is typically found in local waters in less than 100 ft. Being a plant it required light. If the wreck was much deeper than 130’ it seems doubtful that the there would be enough light to support plant life.
I am not a tech diving expert be any means, but it seems to me that they are only carring enough gas for a dive in the 160’ range. Deeper than 130, but not the far deeper than 130 feet that they assert in the web site.
All of this is just late night speculation on my part, and I could be wrong. But looking at the pictures my guess is the wreck lies at about 160’, not the 230’ I have heard.

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