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Posted by Big Brother on March 04, 2004 at 19:55:45:

To the dive store that advertised a zero tolerance policy for divers who allegedly violate so called game laws, and who would call DFG on the divers that are on their dive trips, even for inadvertant or mistakes, I wholeheartedly agree!

Therefore, since that LDS and I both so firmly beleive in compliance and respect for all laws, I am anouncing my Zero Tolerance Policy towards the same dive store if they also violate laws. When I go to this LDS and observe crimes, here is what will happen:

If I see they are not displaying their yearly CalOSHA inspection and compressor use permits for each compressor, even a little tiny one for drying off regs, I will call Cal-OSHA and ensure a citation be issued.

If I do not see an MSDS sheet on every friggin product in that store, such as every brand of silicone spray, lube, zipper wax, bc disinfectant cleaner, grease pencils, mask defogger, table salt for employee food, etc, I will call Cal-OSHA an ensure a citation is isssued.

If the LDS does not have handicapped and wheelchair accessibility to all areas, including a wheelchair ramp into the pool,even one's it does not own, merely uses for students, I will file a complaint with the Federal Government and have a ADA compliance officer out from the Federal, County Government and the City Government. I will also then file a lawsuit on behalf of handicapped people and force the court to issue a fine for every day the LDS is out of compliance, with a nice fat hefty attorney fee tacked on for me.

I will make a visual inspection of the LDS, and if I determine that there are any violations of the Uniform Electrical Code, the Uniform Building Code, the Uniform Fire Code, the National Fire Protection Act or any other Codes, I will have inspectors from the Commercial Division of the Deparment of Bulding and Safety out issuing citations to the proprietor along with legal orders to correct. I will obtain copies as a matter of public record and the day that the corrections must be accomplished by, I will be there to make the call if they are not.

If I determine that the LDS is in violation of any municipal ordinances such as muni codes related to signage, I will make the call.

if any hazardous materials such as Brawny Quicker Picker Uppers or any other brand of paper towels are used to wipe off hazardous materials such as petroleum products like grease or oil, and thrown into the trash, I will be there to dumpster dive, take photographs, obtain samples, etc, then file a complaint with the local city Environmental Compliance units.

If I find any such laws violated, I will file a second civil complaint for violations of the Unfair Business Practices sections of the California Business and Professions Code. This will include punitive and exemplary damages as allowed by Seamens Direct Buying Service v Standard Oil.

I will follow the proprietor all around town while they drive, and I will be videotaping the manner in which the vehicle is operated. I will have a zero tolerance policy in regards to violations of the California Vehicle Code, and will send copies of the tapes to the local PD and demand a citation be issued. I will be at the trial if a not guilty plea is entered, and I will testify on behalf of the prosecution.

This is my Zero Tolerance Policy in regards to a renegade LDS, as I believe in fair play. Don't you?

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