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Posted by MHK on August 09, 2000 at 10:10:17:

In Reply to: Re: Suggesting precautions posted by Jason on August 09, 2000 at 01:13:48:

I thought I made it abundantely clear that I am NOT, IN ANT WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, in favor of government regulations. My proposed suggestions are intended to reduce the problems before they add up. My thinking is that if, in fact, they do add up we will be facing government regulations, which will undoubtedly be much too restrictive.

I'm suggesting a increased effort at self-policing, so as to avoid any form of government intervention. My view is that if Governmnet gets involved they will do what they always do, which is to over regulate.

But that being clearly said, the let things shake out as they may, or it's the diver's right to kill themselves mentality that is permiating throughout this discussion needs to be addressed.

To me it seems a reasonable suggestion to require overhead training prior to allowing a diver to penetrate an overhead environment. To do otherwise would clearly meet the definition of negligence in any subsequent litigation.

I continue to state this for a variety of reasons, most of which revolves around my own personal experiences. I wonder haw many of the proponents of my suggestions have substantial overhead environment experience??? It's one thing to be against the taking away of personal freedoms, but it is another thing to blindly ignore certain pertinent facts. OE training is important, and should be required, because by in large if you don't know the dangers ( due to lack of training ) how can you criticize our suggestions?? Getting lost or disoriented inside a wreck is actually a fairly easy thing to do, panic sets in quickly and the results are manifest. Proper training can help avoid getting lost, and hopefully provide the comfort level should you get lost to remain calm and search for the exit points.

Running reels, using Nitrox and viewing this wreck as something other than a * anyone can dive it wreck* are proactive and proper suggestions. Why wait until someone get's killed to jump on this bandwagon??

Hopefully this clears up my position...


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