Several lessons to learn

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Posted by Jusfer aka Eins on August 19, 2000 at 08:42:18:

In Reply to: Two novice divers rescued by Lifeguard at Leo Carillo posted by JC on August 19, 2000 at 06:19:04:

Welcome back to the living, you got me scared for a moment!

Thanks for concluding yourself that there are things to learn, particularly for SoCal diving and reading the ocean/judging its diveability.

BTW, there are free RRR classes which teach you exactly that. I highly recommend one.

I think the Lifeguard reacted in your best interest, but it would have worked out better for you, had he kept you waiting for another lull OUTSIDE of the surf zone, instead of calling you back into the surf zone while a set obviously was coming in. That's what almost killed you!

Rule No. 1: Stay out of the surf zone. It is not dangerous outside of it (or inside = on the beach :-))
This rule implies not to dive ("stay out of the surf zone") if conditions are too big. If they are negotiable, transit the surf zone as fast as possible to get it behind you, both out and in.

Rule No. 2: Always watch the ocean. Don't turn your back to the waves. See them coming, so you can react. Dive under before they break onto you. Always keep your reg inside your mouth. Deflate your BC so you can get under and try to get to shore along the bottom (diving). Let the wave action help you get to shore. Consider it playing in the surf like so many swimmers/bathers do. It may take the fear and stress out of it. You have an advantage: air to breathe while you're under.

Not a rule, but No.3: Expect the exit to be harder than the entry, especially, if you dived.

continued later

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